Therapy Tools for a COVID-19 World

This is not what I had planned.

How many times have you heard this recently? How many times have you said this recently? March 2020 will likely go down in history as the month nobody planned for. Two weeks ago COVID-19 (or coronavirus as we have come to call it) was a blip on our national radar. It was a problem for other countries that might affect life in the US. Now it is not only here but changing the way we interact with others especially when it comes to delivering special education and related services. Schools are closed in my state for at least the next two weeks, and it is unclear at this writing whether I will even be able to go to work tomorrow.

As I mentioned, this was not what I had planned. I set up this page a while back with the intention of starting a blog this summer when I would “have more time”. However, as I began to see more and more resources trickling into my inbox and popping up in my social media feeds, I decided that there is no time like the present. There is a need right now for materials that can be used to help students during this international pandemic.

So here I am compiling the first list of AAC Tips, Tricks, and Tools for you to use. Because of the situation, I have opted to add some tools for other areas of our discipline as well. It is my hope to add to these lists as needed over the next few weeks. Please feel free to send me additional links you know of or add them in the comments below. As we’ve seen during other times of uncertainty, things work best when we work together.

AAC Resources

Core Vocabulary Boards

Project Core

Grid 3 (scroll to bottom of screen)


Snap + Core First, Proloquo2go, Touchchat, LAMP WFL, Speak for Yourself, Coughdrop

COVID-19 Specific Boards

Core Vocabulary Books


To Print and Send Home: (free account for SLPs!)

Core Vocabulary Activities

Core Vocabulary Classrooms (free 2 month trial)

Social Stories for COVID-19

PrAACtical Resources: Dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic (scroll to download story)

Coronavirus Social Social

Handwashing Sequences and COVID-19 Info Sheets with Visual Supports

Device Cleaning Tips and How-To’s

Speech Resources

100 FREE Speech Therapy Resources List

General Learning Resources

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I'm an AAC SLP with experience in schools, private practice, and home care here to share both my original tips, tricks, and tools and those I learn along the way.

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